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Welcome to the Institute!


Who we are


Morissen Lingua Franca Institute (MOLFI) was founded in August 2011 by Felisia Moris-Franssen. The Institute particularly focuses on tutoring, teaching and training in English language. Besides, we deal with translations uniquely from French into English. We also deal with editing and proofreading English documents. 

MOLFI is the sole institute close to Verviers, which specialises in English alone. Further,  it is the sole educational establishment that helps learners to learn the target language in a very peaceful and calm countryside. We suggest learners to learn English at individuals’ own pace and ability, in a rather “very family-like” teaching setting.


The name of the Institute


English is recognised as ‘Lingua Franca’ because it is the common language that is used by people worldwide for all purposes of communications. In addition, nowadays, English is predominantly used in IT communications, in commerce, in industry, in education spheres, to name but a few. Since it is aforementioned that the teaching setting at the Institute is rather a “very family-like” atmosphere, we have conceived the name “Morissen” in respect of our joint-family-names.


Our beliefs on learners’ achievements

MOLFI's belief in learners’ success to become fluent communicators in English is of great importance. In order to maintain it, the Institute trains learners by considering the whole-skills of English. Moreover, considerable and pragmatic teaching approaches are utilised, depending on learners’ needs, priorities, situations and profession(s). The whole-skills here are the four-core-skills: Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening. Learners need to acquire the skills at a certain level based on individual needs, priorities, situations and profession(s). Essentially, the Institute encourage learners to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge in the whole language skills. In addition to the four-main-skills, learners are trained to learning how to use appropriate grammatical forms and vocabularies in different contexts and situations.

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Dear Clients,

We would like to give you brief information as regards English programmes at MOLFI:

• English lessons for adults: you can have a private lesson at any time. A group
  lesson starts in March and in August.

• English lessons for teenagers: English tuitions start at the beginning of September;
  however, you can start at any time if you do not follow the scholar calendar.

• English lessons for children: English lessons generally start at the beginning of
  September; however, you can start at any time if you do not follow the scholar
  calendar. Except this English lesson, “English in Summer Holiday”, which
  commences in August.

For the time being, MOLFI does not have yet students in group, consequently, if you wish to enrol for an English lesson (in group) you need to have another person(s) who share(s) your project.

If you would like to have more information, please take your time to read carefully all the information on this site. If you decide to follow an English lesson, please register from now onwards, simply by filling in the form and send it to us to the address which is indicated in the Menu “Contact”. We can fix an appointment, when we will receive your registration form; we will discuss about your planning of studies in detail.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us whether by phone or via SMS or through e-mail. We will respond to your questions as soon as possible.



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